Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, yes, there will be blood.

With Tundra right around the corner and word from S2 that both Kunkka and Furion will be coming soon, one can't help but be excited for all the great ports coming on over from DotA. While this is most definitely awesome, a lot of people seem to not realize the importance, nay, the connection between all of these heroes. They're all ganking heroes. From Puck to Furion, all of these heroes bring lots of ganking to the table. That said, this is even more awesome than we could have imagined.

HoN is a game that has lacked a large selection of ganking heroes from the start. With the addition to orb stacking, carry heroes seemed to take up more space than they should have been allowed to for a long time.

Having a too-small selection of ganking-style heroes not only made carry-style heroes imbalanced, but also completely shifted the metagame into a turtle-style farm-off where ganking simply wasn't as economical as farming. That, and let's face it, matches were just a lot less entertaining.

Then they came out with Fayde. Then Bubbles, now Tundra and soon even more. As of current, I believe most of these ganking heroes are still being banned in competitive play- but it's only a matter of time before the bans run out and these heroes hit the fan. It's hard to say how all of these ganking heroes will change HoN in the long run, but one thing's for sure: Babysitters and Carry heroes are going to be shaking in their boots for the first time in HoN history.

Not shown: Fayde invisible right behind him

It seems like S2 is well aware of this, because quite franky it seems like there's no end in sight or ganking heroes coming out. Heck, even Gauntlet is supposed to be a ganking, anti-carry sort of hero. It's a shame he sucks.


  1. I think S2 should port in some more push-based heroes. I think that the gank-style metagame we have now can severely lower the quality of the game itself. Port in Meepo. That's what we've been waiting for.

  2. @ David.

    The problem I have with pushing type strats is that you get in a situation where a single teamfight lost can result in losing a whole lane of towers because the other team has such pushing power. So then the two teams avoid direct confrontation for fear of losing a teamfight and giving the other team a huge amount of map control and team gold.

    So they end up holding back and farming and we're right back where we started while teams try and gain an advantage of creep farm instead of with ganking gold.

  3. I'm looking forward to this as well. I got started on HoN with no DotA background, and I can tell (as my friends have pointed out to me) that I don't gank enough.

    This is mostly just my problem, but the current metagame favors farming and doesn't provide much incentive to change from the carry/farm mentality that many players have :/

    Having more gankers will also put pressure on people to ward more, which is a huge deal IMO.

    Also, I want my Int ganker to hurry up and come out T.T

  4. @Jeff

    Maybe that's true, but remember that's what initiation is for. Eventually, once Furion gets ported, we'll see some more versatile pushes etc.