Monday, July 5, 2010

In Icefrog we Trust?

Two weeks ago, S2 released the very anticipated new Patch containing a new hero and most importantly, some balance changes. For me these changes were extremely exciting not so much because Engineer and Fayde were so annoying (well, truth be told, Fayde is still probably overpowered) but because I feel like we are getting extremely close to that point. You know what I'm talking about. Balance.

Of course, people will most likely disagree with me.

Since the dawn of HoN, a lot of people have voiced their concerns with S2 heroes being blatantly overpowered. Some even more ridiculous claims stated that S2 has it out for DotA heroes, and likes to see their own heroes prevail, a claim that not only doesn't stand up to statistics but also just doesn't make any sense at all.

But with these recent changes, spanning back a patch or two, we finally see heroes like Zephyr and Engineer finally taking the back seat again. In addition, S2 has also removed a lot of stuns from carry heroes, especially carry heroes that they designed. I was particularly delighted to see Forsaken Archer's ministun taken away. Madman's changes are debatable, but I tend to agree with the way they are taking him, and I heard more changes are underway.

All of these changes have lead to one thing: S2 heroes not being banned that often anymore. So what's next? With all the extreme balance and tweaks done to S2 heroes, it seems like the heroes being banned the most of late are DotA heroes.

Responsible for more deaths than Alcohol Poisoning

A while ago in a Honcast inhouse, [S2]Nome stated that DotA heroes are particularly hard to change because the majority of players don't want to see their favorite DotA ports messed with.

Considering how much people believe that S2 is actually running a huge secret mission to make their own heroes the best in the game, it almost seems like blasphemy to even
think about saying the exact opposite.

Typical Heroes of Newerth Forum poster

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. Although bans have been a mesh of both S2 heroes and oldschool DotA ports, what has remained consistent is S2's lack of changes to DotA heroes. I invite you read this thread containing all hero changes since release. Granted, even ports have had a handful of changes to them, but most of these changes all happened a long time pre-release and usually aren't very meaningful.

I just don't like the idea that certain heroes aren't being changed simply because S2 fears a community backlash. I'm not saying Soulstealer needs to be nerfed, or Pandamonium buffed, or any favor given to any type of hero. All I'm asking for is equality, and that S2 not fear the mob.